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Special Forces Return 3: Top Secret Battlefield

Special Forces Return 3: Top Secret Battlefield

Dec. 14, 2018China95 Min.
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a Yue’s wife, Lily, has a pregnant belly, preparing for a birth check. At this moment, a group of gangsters quietly kidnapped Lily. She broke the phone call to Ma Yue halfway through. The smart Lily took off the positioning watch Ma Yue gave her before the gangsters took control of her. Into the clothes. Ma Yue realized that Lily was unpredictable and quickly notified Long Wei and Lu Da Shan. They tracked the culprit’s route through Lily’s watch and followed them urgently. Unexpectedly, we tracked down a house but got stuck. It turned out that Lily’s watch was discovered by the bandit leader Liu Fei Long. 

Special Forces Return 3: Top Secret Battlefield  is a  Chinese Movie Fu Cheng Peng ,Wen Jie  and more.



Original title 特种兵归来3:绝密战场




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